【PRESS RELEASE】Sankei Digital’s digital media acquired JICDAQ (General Incorporated Association Digital Advertising Quality Certification Organization) certification.

Sankei News, iza, Sanspo, Sanspo ZBAT!, zakzak, and IGN JAPAN operated by Sankei Digital Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Tatsushi Doi), a Sankei Shimbun Group company, JICDAQ (General Incorporated Association) Acquired JICDAQ quality certification based on the third-party verification standards of “exclusion of invalid distribution including ad fraud” and “securing brand safety associated with quality of advertisement placement sites” stipulated by the Digital Advertising Quality Certification Organization). Did.

■What is JICDAQ?

Three advertising-related organizations, Japan Advertisers Association, Japan Advertising Agencies Association, and Japan Interactive Advertising Association, have decided to establish JICDAQ, a third-party certification organization for the quality of digital advertising. announced the “JICDAQ Declaration”. The official name of JICDAQ, which is scheduled to be established next spring, is the General Incorporated Association Digital Advertising Quality Certification Organization. We will work on the quality certification of “Ensuring Brand Safety”.

■ Sankei Digital’s initiatives regarding digital advertising distribution

Sankei Digital, as a member of the Japan Interactive Advertising Association (JIAA), complies with the organization’s guidelines for ensuring the quality of advertising destinations (brand safety guidelines) and guidelines for ensuring the quality of advertising traffic (invalid traffic countermeasure guidelines). We strive to ensure site quality and advertiser safety, as well as eliminate invalid traffic.

About Sankei Digital Co., Ltd.

Established in November 2005. Engages in website management for Sankei Shimbun Group media, own original media, and distribution of news content to portal sites and mobile devices. (URL:http://en.sankei-digital.co.jp/)

■ About management media

Sankei news

Top news with impressive large photos, “Today’s events” where you can check all the news you want to know, and “Read and understand” where frontline and veteran reporters put their coverage and knowledge into commentary articles. It is full of featured articles such as corners.

This is a “comprehensive news site” where you can quickly find out about the world’s hottest news and topics of interest. From politics, economy and social issues to sports and entertainment, the Sankei Shimbun Group’s diverse media and coverage capabilities will be delivered together.

Comprehensive site for sports, performing arts and entertainment. Articles written by Sankei Sports reporters with careful coverage and rich expressiveness, as well as secret stories and behind-the-scenes stories that only reporters know are attractive. From the user’s point of view, we will provide content that is easy to read, understand, and exciting.

Sanspo – ZBAT!
A horse racing information site with more than 70 staff members from Sankei Sports, Weekly Gallup, Keiba Eight, and Evening Fuji. We have prepared a wealth of prediction content from data-based predictions to special predictions, including over 50 tipsters such as field reporters and trackmen.

The official website of Fuji Evening Paper, which heals salaried workers on their way home from work, while incorporating behind-the-scenes stories that cannot be written in general newspapers. Pick up medical care, health, gourmet, etc. that orange generation is worried about. We respond to readers’ “I want to read more” and “I want to know more”.

IGN JAPAN will actively distribute not only original IGN articles, but also game reviews, interviews, columns, video programs, etc. as original articles by the Japanese editorial department.


Sankei Digital Co., Ltd.

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【PRESS RELEASE】Sankei Digital’s digital media acquired JICDAQ (General Incorporated Association Digital Advertising Quality Certification Organization) certification.